This Red Seedless grape comes later in the season and is one of our more popular grapes. We have just planted 40 acres of flames that will ripen very early in the season. The flame is a crunchy and sweet grape. The Fantasy is a beautiful seedless purple grape. This variety is characterized by large, loose bunches. The grape has a sweet taste, but not too infused with sugar. The Scarlet Royal is a beautiful and delicious red seedless grape. They are very sweet, firm and crunchy with a dark red color. The Scarlet Royal is harvested after the flame seedless and helps fill the gap between the Coachella Valley season and the start of the San Joaquin Valley. The Black Beauty is a midseason black seedless sweet grape. It is the earliest black and is picked at its ripest point. We monitor the field closely to determine when they are ripe and most enjoyable for the consumer. The Sugraone is a large, sweet, and crunchy green seedless grape. All of our sugraone plants are growing on a arbor system. This allows for increased quality and productivity. The result is a firm, crisp, and ripe berry. The Summer Royal is a mid-season black seedless grape. This variety is characterized as having oval shaped berries that are crisp and firm in texture.

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